CLOSED – Tre Piani Restaurant Features Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine

Tre Piani Restaurant features fresh local foods and Italian specialties. Tre Piani works closely with local farmers and fishermen to make sure that the food is always at the peak of freshness.

Tre Piani also features Tre Bar, the popular wine bar offering an award winning wine list with over 75 selections and a full bar that stocks all of your favorite beers, spirits, port wines, scotch and cordials.

The Slow Food movement has had a significant impact on Chef Jim Weaver’s vision for Tre Piani. We cook with the freshest local ingredients possible. We are committed to great service and quality ingredients.

Tre Piani consistently delights its patrons with some of the best local fare in Princeton. Chef and Owner, Jim Weaver has his finger on the pulse of International, as well as Princetonian tastes. ~ Princeton News Network

Tre Piani Restaurant

Princeton Forrestal Village
120 Rockingham Row, Princeton, NJ
Phone: 609-452-1515

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