Greek Restaurants in Princeton

Efes Mediterranean Grill
235 Nassau Street, Princeton NJ  609-683-1220
~ Locally Owned & Operated ~ Menu includes salads, soups, cold and hot appetizers, hot sandwiches, full course dinners

Local Greek
44 Leigh Avenue, Princeton, NJ (609)285-2969
~ Locally Owned & Operated ~ Local Greek is a new Greek bistro opening in Princeton in 2017, offering fine, authentic Greek meze, desserts, breads and pastries, with a bakery and market carrying imported goods.

Olive’s Deli & Bakery
22 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 609-921-1569
~ Locally Owned & Operated ~ Absolutely the best sandwiches! Great price for what you get. Healthy salads too.

Princetonian Diner
3509 US Route 1 South, Princeton, NJ (609) 452-2271
~ Locally Owned & Operated ~ Classic NJ Diner. Usually busy. Gigantic menu and likewise portions.

Small Bites by Local Greek
20 Nassau Street, Princeton NJ   609-279-1455
~ Locally Owned & Operated ~ Small Bites, sister location of Local Greek, provides authentic Greek food in smaller more commute-friendly portions.


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