Pizza in Princeton

Conte’s Bar & Pizzeria
339 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 609-921-8041
~ A Princeton Pizza Legend. If you get within a mile or two, you just gotta go to Conte’s. Thin crust heaven.

Domino’s Pizza
68 State Rd Rt 206, Princeton, NJ  609-688-6870

Princeton Pi & Yogurt Cafe ( formerly Iano’s Pizza)
84 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ 609-924-5515
~ Popular place. Its good! Plus its family owned and operated.

Jules Thin Crust
18 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ  (609) 759-0082
~ Serving organic thin-crust pies & salads

Tiger Pizza (previously Massimo’s)
110 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ  609-924-0777
~ Popular student pizza and pasta place. 

Nomad Pizza
301 N Harrison St, Princeton Shopping Center  609-285-5187
~ Upscale pizza. Upscale place. Upscale people. Very popular. (Used to be a Gas Station!)

Pizza Star
Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton Shopping Center  609-921-7422
~ Another Princeton Pizza institution. 30+ years in business. Especially popular with the Princeton Little Leaguers.

Teresa’s Caffe
23 Palmer Square East, Princeton, NJ 609-921-1974
~Relaxed Atmosphere. Full Bar. Always Busy. Very Good! Highly recommended.

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