Caterers & Catering Services in Princeton

Bon Appetit Fine Foods
301 N. Harrison St, Princeton Shopping Center. Princeton, NJ 609-924-775

Cox’s Market and Catering
180 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ 609-924-6269

Chez Alice Catering
5 Palmer Square West, Princeton NJ 609-586-5050

Main Street Catering
Princeton, NJ 609-921-2777

McCaffrey’s Catering
301 N. Harrison St, Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton, NJ 609-683-1600

Olive’s Deli & Bakery
22 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 609-921-1569

Princeton Charter Club
79 Prospect Ave, Princeton, NJ 609-924-2433

Princeton Country Club Banquet Office
1 Wheeler Way, Princeton, NJ 609-452-2620

Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company
30 Palmer Square East, Princeton, NJ 609-497-0008

Provence Catering
Princeton, NJ 609-924-3115

Richard’s Farm Market
700 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton, NJ 609-716-0069

Princeton, NJ 609-987-2600

Tillie’s Nassau Street Caterers
89 Princeton Ave, Rocky Hill, NJ 609-252-0683

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