Viburnum Designs Is A Favorite Princeton Florist

Viburnum Design in Princeton NJ

Princeton florist, Viburnum Designs, has an experienced staff who have worked in the fields of floral, home, event, corporate and graphic design. The Viburnum Designs staff are able to provide you with unique ideas to help you express your personal style at home, for your events, or for your business locations.

A Popular Princeton Florist

Viburnum Designs, a popular Princeton florist, will provide you with the freshest ideas and the very finest blooms, whether you are purchasing a single floral stem, decorating your home or business, or creating your dream wedding or social event.

Viburnum Designs
202 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Store Hours:

Mon – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

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