Learn to Fly Today at Princeton Flying School

Learn to Fly Today at Princeton Flying SchoolIf you or someone you know is considering flight training, it is recommended that he/she starts by taking an Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Flying School.

The student will be escorted to an airplane by one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors, where the Princeton Flying School instructor will demonstrate the pre-flight inspection of the airplane.

Next, the prospective student will sit in the left seat with the instructor in the right seat. All of our Princeton Flying School airplanes have dual controls.

Then, the instructor will talk the student through the take-off, flight and landing phases, with the student doing the majority of the flying!

$199 Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Flying School

The student will fly for one hour – We recommend this Princeton Flying School lesson for those who are considering flight training because the time in the air will count toward the required hours when the person pursues his/her Private Pilot’s license. However, there is no obligation when you take an Introductory Lesson.


Princeton Flying School (formerly Raritan Valley Flying School) has been training pilots for an avocation and vocation since 1973. Having started at Kupper Airport, the company moved to Princeton Airport (39N) in 1985. Over the many years of operation the school has trained pilots for the Air Force, ROTC Rutgers and Princeton, Marine Platoon Leaders Program, Veteran Training, students from foreign countries, and Mercer County Community College.

However Princeton Flying School’s primary function is to train students who come to the flight school from the region. Students come from as far as Staten Island, Long Island, and eastern Pennsylvania to seek training at a school where the staff is professional and there is a large, well-maintained fleet.

Princeton Flying School is a Part 61 FAA-approved flight school. We use the Jeppessen syllabus, for a structured flight school environment. Please contact us for details regarding Part 61 vs. Part 141/142 flight schools.

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