Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno :: professional excellence, personal service, integrity, and stability

Founded in 1933 by Alfred J. Pietrinferno, our firm has been overseeing the accounting needs of its individual and business clients for three generations. In today’s uncertain times, Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno prides itself on its long history and tradition of professional excellence, personal service, integrity, and stability.

Today, the firm is led by Alfred J. Pietrinferno, III, CPA, MBA, grandson of the company’s founder. A.J., like his father and grandfather before him, is committed to upholding the highest professional standards while at the same time embracing new technologies and concepts that enhance our efficiencies and improve client profitability.

What Can Our Firm Do For You?

Do you need financial statements for your bank? Are you tired of year-end surprises at tax time? Do you need to get a handle on your business’ accounts receivables? Our firm can help solve these problems and more. From the business world to your personal life, Pietrinferno & Pietrinferno offers services and solutions to help make your home or business run more smoothly.

Shared Services

We offer custom services to meet whatever level of accounting help you require with your personal or business affairs. We can perform everything from a review of existing records to helping you to set up a complete recording and reporting system for your business. Depending on your internal accounting resources, you can provide us with a general ledger or you can simply deliver raw information to us to compile and analyze. Ask us for more details about these special services.

We Are Your Business Advocate

We believe your accountant should be a proactive member of your business team, anticipating needs and providing you with the best financial tools and information to run your company. From helping to improve invoicing procedures or cash flows to providing software recommendations, we take satisfaction in helping our clients make sound business decisions. We meet quarterly with most of our corporate clients, analyzing results and helping to plan for the year-end in order to avoid surprises.

Full Service Personal Accounting

From filing personal income tax returns to handling monthly checking and oversight of financial assets, we offer many levels of service to our individual clients. If you are overwhelmed with the financial and insurance management of an elderly relative, or just want to free yourself from the daily worries of paying monthly bills in your own life, ask us for help.

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