La La Lobster Opens in Palmer Square

La La Lobster in Princeton

Princeton is famous for many reasons. It has been a cornerstone of our nation’s history, from its place in the American Revolution to being home to one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world. Yet, now there is another reason to visit Princeton; La La Lobster! Located on the bustling streets of this beautiful town, La La Lobster is setting new standards for seafood restaurants.

It began as a dream for Nicole, our owner, who has more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Seeing a demand that needed to be met and with encouragement and inspiration from her daughter, La La Lobster was born. Now, with three locations in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, La La Lobster is your premier source for high-quality seafood.

From its lobster-centric menu to its family-friendly atmosphere, La La Lobster in Princeton, New Jersey, has fast become one of the hottest eateries around. You can enjoy a multitude of delicious foods, from seafood mac and cheese to our famous lobster rolls. No matter what your taste buds prefer, there is something for everyone at La La Lobster.

La La Lobster
63 Palmer Square West
Princeton, NJ 08542

(609) 285-5995
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