Garden State Gynecology

Garden-State-Gynecology-Princeton-NJOur medical staff consists of Board Certified OB/GYN’s and Board Certified Anesthesiologist. This means that all patients seeking surgical abortion services with anesthesia, that there are two doctors fully devoted to your care during the procedure.

All physicians (OB/GYNs and anesthesiologists) are board certified/eligible in their respective fields. In order to obtain the coveted AAAASF accreditation Garden State Gynecology requires that all physicians meet rigorous criteria in order obtain privileges to work at the facility. Garden State Gynecology is accredited by the AAAASF for general anesthesia, deep sedation (“asleep”) and conscious sedation (“twilight”). This includes demonstrating years of experience and superior clinical skills specifically in the field of surgical abortions. In addition all of our medical staff including registered nurses, ultrasound technicians, phlebotomists, counselors, medical assistants, and all ancillary staff meet the highest level of training before working at the facility.

Garden State Gynecology

601 Ewing Street, Suite A-3,
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-356-1043

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