EKS Associates

You worked hard to accumulate your wealth. You deserve a financial planner who listens to your aspirations and concerns, takes time to understand your values and what you want out of life, and is skilled enough to help you get it. EKS Associates is a fee-only, comprehensive financial life planning firm that has been helping clients in the Princeton area to achieve their personal and financial goals for more than 25 years. Whether you think you need the answer to a single question or have complex financial needs, we practice a holistic and independent approach to financial planning as we believe it is the most responsible way to help you. It ensures the long- and short-term implications of one’s choices are proactively considered and balanced.

Our fee-only approach allows us to remain independent, always providing the most appropriate advice for each unique situation. Built on a foundation of integrity and personal service, the advisors at EKS Associates have one goal: to be a trusted and knowledgeable advocate, providing unbiased advice in line with our client’s values, needs, goals, and risk tolerance.

EKS Associates LLC

601 Ewing Street, Suite A7
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: (609) 921-1016

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