Center for Psychological Services :: Princeton Psychological Center, LLC

We specialize in:
psychodynamic psychotherapy
cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
supportive psychotherapy
family therapy
couples and group therapy
educational assessments
neuropsychological assessment
psychological and forensic assessment

We provide assessments, such as:
IQ testing
ADD/ADHD diagnosis
learning disability
504 and 501 planning
personality assessment
drug and alcohol assessment

We treat people who struggle with issues such as:
relationship and social issues
specific phobias
trauma and post-traumatic reactions
struggles with self-esteem and personal direction
challenges such as: divorce, job-loss
mourning the death of a loved one
parenting babies, young children and adolescents
post-partum depression
learning disabilities
children on the autistic spectrum

We are located in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey. We are made up of a number of professionals from a variety of disciplines and we offer our clients several comprehensive services.

Just a short walk from the center of Princeton, we are on a quiet and out-of-the-wall street, helping to ensure confidentiality when you enter and leave our home-like building

Princeton Psychological Center, LLC
9 Charlton Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: (609) 454-3214